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Most often this happens due to minor inconsistencies in the positioning of the brand. For example, few people will buy healthy food in a red package. Red is simply not associated with health. The client will subconsciously search for the packaging with the predominantly green color, and his brain will filter out red as unsuitable. He just doesn't expect a red package.

Do you know why Ferrari does not produce budget cars for the whole family? Because it does not correspond to the brand's reputation.
Fortunately for you, we know them all. The PapaBrand team will analyze your business and brand, find and correct all inconsistencies. After rebranding, your business will become recognizable, and your products or services will sell much better.
Is your brand not working as effectively as you would like?
Doesn't somebody know about your products or services?
Do people choose competitors for some reason?
For the same reason, few people will be interested in a supercar with a Volkswagen nameplate. After all, this is a brand that focuses on reliability and safety. No one expects Volkswagen to breakneck speeds and recklessness. Because of this, all attempts to create a supercar under the Volkswagen brand failed miserably.

It is the same in the service sector. Women are most likely not going to do a haircut and styling in a barbershop, and men are quite ready to regularly go to the procedure of hand care, but most likely they will categorically refuse a manicure. Although it's just the same!

These are vivid examples of inconsistencies in brand positioning. The brand works equally in all areas. And your brand must offer exactly what potential customers expect from it just by looking at the name or logo.

And there are a huge number of such nuances.
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